Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Council – APPLY NOW

Greetings from Greater Birmingham Community Food Partners! We are happy to announce that we are seeking applicants for the new Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Council. The Council will be established to help improve our local food system in Jefferson County. The Council will be a private-public partnership...

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Food Summit information

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The website is live and we are on our way!  There you can find the schedules of events, break-out descriptions and more information about the Saturday events.

We are so excited about the Summit!  I hope to see each and every one of you there.

Sunrise Photo Shoot

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Today, myself and The Modern Brand (along with their wonderful contracted designer and photographer!) met at the new Railroad Park for a photo shoot.  The shoot was exclusively for our Food Summit!

How on earth did this come about?  I had a vision for the poster and marketing materials; a harvest farm table with the city in the background.  I am full of ideas and I am sure The Modern Brand is wondering why on earth this food girl thinks she is a designer!  Anyway, we tried some looks and realized that the only way to do this would be with a photo shoot.  No photoshopping for this project…we needed a harvest table in the city!

The shoot was planned for yesterday, having heard from the weather folks that it would be sunny all week.  Ha!  It started raining at 4pm precisely.  After trying to wait it out, it was clear that we were losing light (ok-it was clear to the photographer and he made it clear to us).  The only other time to get the best light?  Sunrise.

So this morning everyone assembled before 6.  Full disclosure: I arrived around 7:30, just to see the end result!  I was so happy that I literally sang. Y’all, it is going to be beautiful.

The stuff *should* be ready next week so keep your eyes and ears out.  Can’t wait to see these around town! Until then, enjoy this little teaser photo.

Things that are possible: ending childhood hunger

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I was planning a post about this, but then read Robyn’s post at Alabama Possible and realized that she had already done a wonderful job! So, I copied it word for word!

Things that are possible: ending childhood hunger

Childhood food security – image via

The Obama administration has pledged to end childhood hunger by 2015. What does that mean, and how can we reach that goal? NPR’s All Things Considered recently looked at this question over a 2-part series.

Part 1:  A Daily Fight to Find Food: One Family’s Struggle

Part 2: Eating Nutritiously A Struggle When Food is Scarce

The Diane Rehm show also devoted an entire hour last week to a discussion of childhood hunger in the United States.

As the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill moves through Congress, we know that these conversations will continue to be important. We cannot forget that 13.3 percent of Alabamians lack food security, while around 5.4 percent of our neighbors have very low food security – meaning they are chronically hungry.

Want to learn more about childhood hunger and child nutrition programs in Alabama? Join us for a screening of the film Lunch Line, August 28, at the Bottle tree Cafe in Birmingham. A panel following the movie will discuss the future of school lunches and child nutrition programs. This is the Southeastern premiere of Lunch Line, so buy your tickets today!

We also invite you to come to the table for the Alabama Food Summit November 12-13 at the Birmingham BJCC, where we will discuss food security, the food system, and creating sustainable solutions to our state’s hunger problem.

Thanks Robyn, for all the hard work you do.  Folks, keep up with Alabama Possible/Alabama Poverty Project by checking out their website and liking them on Facebook.  They are also on Twitter as

Food Summit news

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Mark your calendars, the Food Summit is coming!  November 12-13 at the BJCC.  What is the Food Summit?  It is a gathering of everyone involved with or interested in our local food system to assess the state of food in Birmingham and Jefferson County. One of our keynote speakers is Mark Winne, author of Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the table in the land of plenty.

We are working to make this the best, most informative food summit ever, but we need your help. Do you have an area of expertise related to community gardening, farming, food security or the food system? Do you have a specific topic you would like to see covered at the annual Food Summit?  We need your voices, and we want YOU to submit proposals for a talk or a break out session.

We’re looking for topics related to one of these areas of focus:

1.  Bringing food security to your community
2.  Food policy and advocacy
3.  Economic development and food

Please submit proposals by August. 15, 2010 to

If you are interested in helping plan and execute the Summit, please let me know.