Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Council – APPLY NOW

Greetings from Greater Birmingham Community Food Partners! We are happy to announce that we are seeking applicants for the new Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Council. The Council will be established to help improve our local food system in Jefferson County. The Council will be a private-public partnership...

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Application Review Process

The Birmingham-Jefferson Food Policy Council application review process and selection committee will represent Jefferson County’s socially, economically, and racially diverse food system.

The Review Committee

A seven person Review Committee, selected by GBCFP, will be responsible for reviewing the applications of candidates who are interested in becoming a member of the Council.

Note: Due to potential conflict of interest, an individual who reviews applications cannot also serve on the Council as a member.

In order to ensure the Review Committee is diverse and representative of our community, GBCFP will select Review Committee members based on target district (i.e. represent/live work in economic or food desert area), gender, race/ethnicity and the following five key food system stakeholder groups:

  • Government
  • Business community
  • Community-based Organizations and Residents
  • Food/Agriculture
  • Health and Education

The Review Process

Following the application deadline, applications will be “blinded” of all identifying information and labeled based on their affiliation with a key food system stakeholder group. Applications will then be assigned a reference number.

Once labeled, the selection committee members will individually score applications according to the following criteria:

  • Skills and experience
  • Community involvement
  • Vision for an improved food system

Each candidate will receive a score for each criterion and an overall score will be calculated.

The Review Committee will meet as a whole to discuss the blinded, scored applications and finalize selection of the Council members. Council members will be selected based on overall score, stakeholder group, gender, race/ethnicity, and target district.